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Legislative Agenda

Legislative Agenda

The objective of the Pennsylvania Council of General Contractors (PennCGC) is to advocate for fair, efficient, and competitive construction (bidding, awarding, and building) throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

2009 – 2010 Legislative Priorities

Top Legislative Issues

  • Oppose union-only project labor agreements – Promote fair, efficient, competitive construction
  • Promote economic development projects utilizing fair, efficient, and competitive construction
  • Assure public funding allocated towards state and local construction projects are awarded in a fair and objective manner assuring fair, efficient, and competitive contracting
  • Protect General Contractors from unfair and overregulated licensing efforts for specified construction trades

Important Legislative Issues

  • Reform Pennsylvania’s Prevailing Wage law enabling unbiased and objective enforcement
  • Protect General Contractors in the development and passage of Independent Contractor legislation
  • Support Single Prime construction on Pennsylvania public construction projects
  • Oppose subjective/ biased immigration reform enforced and regulated upon the construction industry
    Oppose paying business privilege tax on construction trailers on job sites
  • Support reforming Pennsylvania Mechanic Lien legislation to protect General Contractors from having sub-contractor circumventing the lien process and hinder working relationships with clients

This list is subject to change pending the authorization of the Pennsylvania Council of General Contractors under the guidance and direction of the Council members.

For more information, please contact Hank Butler, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Council of General Contractors (PennCGC) at 717.330.4574 or hank@penncgc.org