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What Is The PennCGC?

The PennCGC is a council of quality general contractors who believe in the importance of fair, efficient, and competitive construction (bidding, awarding, and building). This organization is focused solely on the general construction industry in Pennsylvania and strives to help council member grow their operations and help them and their employees succeed in the Commonwealth’s construction industry.

Why Is There A Need For The PennCGC?

There needs to be a voice in state government focused on general contractors who support open, objective, and competitive bidding in the Pennsylvania construction industry. PennCGC is designed to bring that voice to Pennsylvania.

What is the Objective of the PennCGC?

The objective of the PennCGC is to develop an association of quality commercial general contractors committed to fair, and competitive construction (bidding, awarding, and building) throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and advocate (both legislatively and politically) on their behalf.

Who Will Make Up the PennCGC Membership?

The PennCGC plans to focus on the quality of the membership, instead of the number of members. Our objective is to derive consensus on issues utilizing the expertise from the largest and most successful general contractors in Pennsylvania. PennCGC membership of this council will be limited to only General Contractors (GC) who believe in the importance of fair, efficient, and competitive construction in Pennsylvania.

While other construction associations have numerous services and programs important to the construction community, the PennCGC will be solely focused on one objective: Fighting (both legislatively and politically) for fair and competitive construction (bidding, awarding, and building) – striving to create a construction environment allowing building and development opportunities for all general contractors throughout the state.

How Will the PennCGC Communicate/Work with Members?

PennCGC understands the need to always respect the time and volunteer limitations of executives of PennCGC members. Therefore the association’s communication, leadership, development, and advocacy needs to be developed in a method that can help maintain a strong unified message while not utilizing too much time and energy from the membership. A system is being designed to respect the value of time and resources of the PennCGC membership.

Will Being a Member of the PennCGC be a Time Consuming Obligation?

No–Potential PennCGC members are busy and need to focus on their own companies. The logistics of the PennCGC operation is focusing on how to enable members to be active and engaged without creating a time consuming obligation. The objective of the PennCGC is to fight and advocate for the membership throughout State Government (both legislatively and politically) and give the members the ability to grow their business and succeed in the Pennsylvania.

Will the PennCGC Compete with other Construction Associations?

The PennCGC is not designed to compete with other associations. Rather, PennCGC has one objective: to bring a voice to the large quality general contractors who believe in the importance fair, efficient, and competitive construction in Pennsylvania. The Council plans to act as an advocate and bring a focused voice (both legislatively and politically) to Pennsylvania’s State Government.

Is the PennCGC going to be a Statewide Organization?

The PennCGC is a statewide organization. Members, general contractors who are investing their time and support to move the PennCGC forward, are being recruited from all regions of the Commonwealth. These members are committed to a successful and effective statewide voice in our advocacy and representation.

How Does the PennCGC Operate?

The Pennsylvania Council of General Contractors is a Council designed to operate as a combined force in the construction industry. Members of the council each have an equal voice and representation on the direction and operation of the organization.